About DMS


DMS Protects Critical Information—Paper Records and Electronic Files—Safely and Securely

As the volume of sensitive high value information grows, security issues pose a higher risk for business, medical, legal & insurance organizations. DMS mitigates risk through advanced technology.

Our customer-focused mission drives our success: Deliver extraordinarily responsive service as a leading provider of document and electronic information management services.

DMS systems and technology continually evolve, but customer service defines our enterprise. DMS offers 24/7/365 response to ensure your business or practice is never interrupted by lost data. As new threats pose increased risks to data, DMS helps companies meet responsibilities to clients, employees and stakeholders. Because safety and security are critical, DMS offers proven technology and proprietary methodology to assure data integrity.


DMS: A Critical Component of Your Risk Mitigation Plan

We know sensitive information and high value records can be the most vulnerable asset of any enterprise. Disaster and business interruption insurance is important, but does nothing to retrieve loss of data. DMS is the solution. We will work with you to develop a secure off-site backup system to ensure your data remains safe and secure when disaster occurs.

While computer and server technology improves and cloud-based storage grows, data loss remains an ever-present danger. Sabotage, hackers, employee error, computer viruses, as well as fire, flood, explosion and power failures could cause major data loss with devastating results. The chance of disaster may be small, but how much risk are you willing to assume?

Prevention is the wise alternative. DMS is ready to assist you to implement the data and records security system you need. We are absolutely committed to the security and integrity of your data, and providing you ongoing peace of mind.

Our sophisticated approach often mirrors our clients' internal filing systems and procedures to ensure 100% accuracy. DMS information management systems include record and document storage featuring the highest degree of security and environmental protection currently available.

  • Secured storage locations with controlled access
  • Motion detectors and other intruder alarm systems
  • Highly sensitive smoke & heat detectors
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
  • Large, maximum security Firelock® Vault with magnetic shielding, roof protection and precision climate control
  • Sophisticated computer media storage within a secure vault chamber featuring a Class 125 Fire rating and designed to protect against heat and environmental degradation