Medical Storage


Medical Storage Expertise

For over two decades, DMS clients have included healthcare systems, hospitals, radiology centers, physician practices, insurance companies and related healthcare professions. The highly sensitive nature of medical information underscores the trust that clients place in DMS and our ability to deliver security, integrity and value.

When healthcare clients needed to comply with the mandate that medical records be digitized, DMS helped ease that transition. DMS was able to index and track each file, chart and x-ray and keep a complete inventory/activity record of each. Paper and film records continue to be digitized and DMS offers an accurate, simple and cost efficient solution.

DMS continues to work with medical practices to evaluate workflow, goals, policies, and procedures to offer the best, most inexpensive records management system. DMS provides secure, off-site storage and management of medical records including: Patient Medical Records, Patient Accounting Files, Radiology Charts, X-ray and Mammography Films, MRI, Fetal Monitor Strips, Tissue Samples, Microfiche & Microfilm and more.

DMS Medical Record Storage and Management Services include:

  • Stat Retrieval & Delivery
  • Comprehensive Record Digitizing
  • Fax Delivery Service
  • 24 Hour File Access
  • Professional Records Management
  • Scans On Demand
  • Secure Records Destruction
  • On-Site File Purging
  • Courier Service

Our investment in advanced technology enables DMS to offer healthcare clients complete electronic digitizing of all x-rays, mammography and other medical films. This important DMS service enables immediate electronic access to a patients' record in a safe, secure manner.

DMS HIPAA Compliance Statement

Document Management Solutions LLC (DMS) hereby acknowledges and agrees that all identifiable health care information is to be protected as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, regulations issued there under and other laws to the extent applicable.