Advanced Technology

As one of the leading providers of record management and storage systems in the Midwest, DMS makes significant investments in technology. Our commitment to advanced technology ensures your data and records will always be safe, secure and immediately accessible. It also enables us to deliver greater value to clients.

State-of-the-Art Tracking
With tens of thousands of storage boxes in multiple locations, a fast, reliable inventory management system is mission critical. DMS proprietary technology provides instant location and rapid retrieval of any stored materials. Unique bar code labeling enables DMS to deliver critical materials needed by a client very quickly.

Firelock™ Data Vault
DMS is one of very few locations in the Midwest with the premier high technology vault security system---the Firelock™ Data Vault. Designed specifically to protect digital and magnetic media in a secure vault environment, preventing excessive temperatures and humidity from affecting the integrity of the media being stored.

The high performance DMS Data Vault offers a Class 125 Fire Rating. The Class 125 Vault Door features a combination lock and additional access control on the inner door. The DMS vault's environmental control system complies with ANSI standards for long-term storage of computer media. Bottom line: You won't find a more secure storage environment within 150 miles—one reason we refer to it as our Maximum Security Area.

img_digitizeFilm Digitizing for PACS
DMS is committed to offer the most effective, efficient storage and retrieval of x-ray and other medical imaging films. As part of this ongoing client commitment, DMS has installed Vidar/Phillips Film Digitizers, recognized as the finest quality digitizers in the world. They allow DMS to convert thousands of medical films into instantly accessible images to aid in patient healthcare decisions.